Corporate Law
and Startup financing rounds

We know that being an enterpreneur is hard. The beginning of an startup is difficult and overwhelming. Besides, corporate law and commercial law are far from easy and you know that apparently small legal mistakes in the first steaps of your business will be big trouble in the future.

We help you from the start on all legal issues you need as new enterpreneur. You need a shareholders agreement tailored to your needs. You need well drafted commercial agreements with your key partners that actually serve well you interests. You also need a sensible stock option plan or phanthom shares plan to keep your talent. We help you in doing this well during the seed phase

Of course, you dream big and thus you will need funds. That's why startup finnancing rounds exist. This is why you need specialized legal services: as founder you want to make sure that investors will not be taking all your effort. Well drafted and balanced investment agreements are vital. There are a lot of issues to consider, just to mention a few: investors participation in the business decisions, pre-emptive rights and anti-dilution clauses, right of first refusal clauses, drag-along and tag-along rights clauses and exit clauses. We help you in negotiating and drafting the terms sheets, the investment agreement and the new shareholders agreement. In sum, we offer our best legal expertise in all steps involved in a startup financing round.

What we do best

Contract negotiating

We negotiate complex investment and shareholders agreements using Harvard Negotiation Project techniques

Contract drafting

We offer careful and thoroughful drafing to deliver the most solid clauses in defense of our client's best interest


We bring our expertise from the court house to contract drafting

We offer highly specialized legal services