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We offer high quality and specialized legal services
for engineering projects in the chemical industry


About Us

We are a highly specialized law firm that offers high quality legal services in the following areas: (i) legal services for big and complex engineering projects in the chemical industry, dealing with EPC and EPCm contracts (negotiating, drafting, monitoring and executing); (ii) corporate law and startups financing rounds; and (iii) b2b litigation.

Rubèn Guilanyà, the founder, is a lawyer who obtained the Phd in Law (Summa Cum Laude) and the Masters Degree in Philosophy with honours. He strongly believes that philosophical reasoning to legal issues adds great value and allows him to better serve his clients best interest. He worked for Uría Menéndez, one of the most prestigious big law firm in Spain. His professional aim is to bring the excellence in service of the big law firms as well as the proximity of a small law firm.

Law as Civilizing reason

Roman laywer and politician, Cicero, said ‘ubi societas, ubi ius’, that is, whenever there is a human society, there is Law. The seventeenth century philosophers Hobbes and Locke both believed that Law is what distinguishes humans living in society from humans in the state of nature. The eighteenth century German philosopher Immanuel Kant thought that Law is the key to the moral improvement of any human society as well as humanity as such.

Following this strand, we strongly believe that Law posits reasons so that we, human beings are able to (i) cooperate on a trust basis (contracts and corporate law) knowing what we should expect from one another (the applying laws, ordinances and regulations) and (ii.a), in case of dispute, we can either settle (settlement agreements) or, when necessary, (ii.b) submit the controversy to a third party (arbitration or judicial procedure). Law is part of what makes humans practical reasoning beings. We see the job of lawyers as improving practical reasoning and thus help our clients to find reasoned ways to channel their interests and worries and make our counterparts to yield to reason. In sum, we believe in law as the most powerful civilizing tool.

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